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In 2017 alone, Cal/OSHA has cited California companies for over 5 million dollars over thousands of inspections. The vast majority of these citations occur because of simple fixes, but will easily run your company tens of thousands of dollars.

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Cal/OSHA Requires that every company provide their employees with regular safety lessons. Now you will have access to these mandatory lesson materials right on your tablet or smartphone, enabling you to maintain your safety training program. On-site lessons may also be delivered by one of our qualified and experienced safety trainers.

Easily Keep Track of All your OSHA Data

GotSafety Monthly Support Plan

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for GotSafety alone...

CCBA Price

for GotSafety

and so much more!

-Hundreds of safety topics to choose from

-All safety lesson materials are available in English and Spanish

-New lessons added monthly

-On-site instructor-led lessons available upon request

-We make custom lessons

-Webinar Trainings and an online Form Builder

-Unlimited Employees are included in this deal

Cal/OSHA Documentation

Cal/OSHA Requires that every company provide their employees with policies and procedures that are compliant with their standards and regulations. We have been writing OSHA Documentation for over 25 years and can give you the peace of mind knowing you won't get cited for recent changes in policy.

-Your Documentation will be written exclusively for your company, your industry, and for your specific location.

-We will keep your safety programs current with OSHA regulations for as long as you're on our monthly support plan.

-You will have access to all of your customized documentation through our  GotSafety System.

Stays Compliant and Updated

flat rate for all subcribers!

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On-Site Training and Certifications

We Have Representatives all over California who can come out to your site for Certifications.

We also provide a Train-the-Trainer service where your employee can become certified to give certification trainings.

Typical Prices Vary...

Forklift Operator

Cherry Picker

Scissor Lift

Boom Lift

Respirator Training


Forklift Operator

Train-the-Trainer Certification

CCBA Prices Don't!

Get Help from Expert Trainers

We Provide comprehensive on-site inspections, performed by experienced and well-qualified safety inspectors. Your inspections can include the following elements:

On-Site Inspections

review of your safety programs

review of your training programs

Identification of possible hazards

Identification of machine-guarding hazards

On-the-spot consultation to:

-correct or abate hazards

-improve safety operations

-maintain ongoing compliance

Summary evaluation report, including:

-photos, tied to Cal/OSHA regulations

-Instructions to abate/correct identified hazards

Use our Expertise to Strengthen your Program


1 FREE Inspection

for Subscribing to the Monthly Support Plan

Let us Help you Contest a Citation

When Cal/OSHA citations are involved, we put nearly 30 years of experience to work for you. We do all of the legwork, paperwork, phone calling, and research. We will also attend all conferences and hearings on your behalf.

Cal/OSHA Citation Defense

Receive all the following services

-Assistance in contacting Cal/OSHA

-Comprehensive citation review

-Writing and filing of Cal/OSHA appeals

-Representation at all Cal/OSHA informal conferences and hearings

-Representation at all Cal/OSHA area, district, and regional levels

-Complete monitoring of the entire appeals process

-Comprehensive support from the beginning until your case is settled

-Certified mail services (billed separately)

-Cal/OSHA document copying services (billed separately)

as part of the $40 monthly support plan

We Recognize that you may have to work early hours, late nights, weekends or holidays, When a serious accident or incident occurs, you can have the peace of mind knowing you can reach a professional safety consultant right away.

Call us in the event of an emergency and let our experts determine the severity of the situation and whether or not it requires notification. Our friendly, knowledgeable staff is available to answer your questions and help you deal with emergencies 24 hours a day. You may call us anytime with your emergency or urgent safety-related questions.

24/7 Consultation

You will receive this benefit as part of the $40 Monthly Support Plan

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